Friday, December 31, 2010

Just do it!

I once collaborated with the whole crew that was building my house.
We wanted to make a hearth from left over tiles and wanted us all to
work on it.
When the day arrived we all looked at each other sheepishly.
We had no idea how to begin, or what image to use.
Then all at once we were just doing it...Abby Shahn

Image: "Fibroid" by Abby Shahn

Thursday, December 30, 2010

ideas & dialogue

Let the dialogue begin & ideas flow (image by William Hessian):

It may be difficult to use spray paint inside the library, but maybe there is another way that is less toxic? Nora Tryon has silk screen experience and hopefully will devise a set up for us to produce things. This will definitely be a great manifestation of our efforts and I am personally looking forward to the collective creativity that will emerge!

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This is great to see a stage 2 of this project. i like how the draw a thon
are progressing, not just repeating. i also really enjoy the pictures that
were chosen.

I really like the idea of taking a few of these and cutting stencils, some
of the images are perfect for this. then being able to reproduce them
quickly on a massive scale. just need some spray paint, large card stock and
some knives. Do you think it makes sense to take a few of the images and
draw some simpler version that will easily translate to stencils?

I do not know how to silk screen, but would absolutely love to learn. So i
would really like to be on a silk screening or stenciling team if possible.

I would love to take a shot at doing some simplifying of a few stencils from
the selected images and see if they turn out feasible. I love the idea of
making large posters and signs with these designs. This is going to be a lot
of fun.


On Wed, Dec 29, 2010 at 8:21 PM, wrote:

> Dear current and former participant,
> Attached please find our prospectus for the upcoming Draw-A-Thon at the
> Portland Public Library. For those of you not attending, we still want to
> keep you in the loop, so no need to reply. For those who are attending we
> ask that you look over some of the imagery that we've chosen to focus on and
> consider how you might help develop it into clearer, graphically dynamic
> poster sized imagery. We are trying to come up with the logistics of how two
> or three artists can work on each "concept" collectively. One possibility is
> to create an overall image that has "parts", like separate text or two color
> stencils, etc., so that each artist can stay busy and productive and speed
> along a process that might otherwise be very time consuming if created by
> one individual. We also would like you to think about possible ways that our
> previous imagery can be developed into simpler imagery that can utilize
> simple stencils or silk screening. Our facilities will be limited, but we're
> counting on our enthusiasm and inventiveness to carry the day! Please feel
> free to contact us with your thoughts, ideas & questions leading up to our
> event. I'll post them on our blog for all to see:
> Thanks and see you there!
> Kenny Cole
> 207 322-5243

William Hessian

landline- 207 948 1092