Friday, November 12, 2010

We did it!

It was an amazing day! Thanks to all the artists who participated, all the volunteers who helped set up, take down and feed us (Grazie Local Sprouts!!!), the fantastic sponsors (see the links) & Space Gallery for your immense generosity!


  1. i had a great time. i met some amazing people. talked to some great veterans. ate some good food. had some great conversations.

    what a great event. ill be posting some pictures on my blog in the next few days:

    feel free to take them.

  2. This sounds AMAZING Elizabeth! Sorry I wasn't there. Lots of love to you and others who were involved.

  3. RE. D.A.Thon Jan . Event Jan. 18 MLK Day ,,Jan. 21 MLK observance,,
    What was the message of MLK? Where are we today? What is the answer ? How does this war economy affect us ? What are the solutions? How do we get involved?

  4. MLK message: military spending is sapping our spirit of compassion, Today we are the largest spender in the world, The war economy makes us dependent on war, The solutions are to stop supplying weapons freely around the world and develop alternative economies, Start getting involved by doing whatever it is you do best and do it with conscience!