Saturday, December 17, 2011

Catching up!

Wow...the last post was in July! I'm a very bad post-master...a lot has happened between now and then. For example there was this little thing called the "Occupy" movement that came along at the end of the summer!
Here's Lisa Savage's report on the WERU Grass Roots Conference: The Bring Our War $$ Home 30 day Care-a-Van kicked off a statewide tour with a t-shirt screen printing workshop at WERU Community Radio's Maine Grassroots Media Conference at Unity College on Sep.10, 2011. Images made at Draw-a-thons previously held with the Union of Maine Visual Artists, as well as the Codepink "house" campaign logo, were available for the public to have printed onto a shirt of their choice. Artists and organizer Steve Burke headed up the production of about 50 shirts which will now help carry the BOW$H message out into the world. Panelists Rob Shetterly (Americans Who Tell the Truth), Tamar Etingen (West Athens 4th of July), Lisa Savage (CP Maine Local Coordinator) and Steve displayed and talked about political art and its power to inspire and communicate. Rob's portraits of art activist Natasha Mayers, playwright Eve Ensler, whistleblower Bradley Manning, and other truth tellers on display brought still more voices into the conversation. photos of the event

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