Thursday, January 21, 2010

Let's Collaborate!

Natasha and I were thinking up a way to make art at the Draw-In at the state capital in Augusta and we came up with the idea of creating drawings during the Draw-A-Thon that would have large blank areas in them, then make photo copies and use the photo copies to draw on during the Draw-In. Here's an example of one I just created early this morning before setting of to work. We thought that it might be fun to draw in this manner and that it would be conducive to creating a greater amount of drawings quickly...and would directly tie in our activities from the Draw-A-Thon. We'd like to be able to create many drawings so that each legislator gets an original work of art, but with 180+ legislators creating all of that work might be physically impossible for the time that we would be there. Maybe we could even create some kind of potato stamps or something to fill in the blank part of the drawings even quicker? I invite anyone out there who is reading this to go ahead, print out this drawing and try adding imagery to it, then scan the completed work and email it to me...I'll post it here. If this sounds like something you'd like to try then go to this link, click on "all sizes", down load the image and print it out:

Here's what it looked like after I added my own additional imagery to it. My process for drawing often involves looking through this old encyclopedia set (1966!) for funny images that I can then develop into a tableaux that comes around in some round about way to reference the theme of how to spend our war dollars. In this drawing I found an image of a town meeting, took away the audience, added some clouds, a heavenly arm with cash, a flag with a pine tree on it and a solar heating device...I'm sure that some one out there could probably do much better than that??!!

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