Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My List

Natasha asked me to come up with my own personal list of 50 things that I would spend the $2.5 billion of Maine taxpayers’ money that has gone to pay for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars up to now on. it is:
Retro fit Maine’s landmark architecture to net-zero energy efficiency
Invest in solar hot water systems
More park benches
Healthy food for every Mainer
Farmer’s markets
Art in prisons
More trains
Electric cars
Restore Mill buildings
More lobster
More wild sea life
50% for art in new construction rather than 1%
Paid family days off from work
Mentor programs
Drug awareness
Parades for every town in Maine
Local history museums in every town
Fishing lessons for every child
Free swimming lessons
Annual picnics for every business big and small
Free college education
Portraits of town elders
Pothole brigades
High speed internet to every household
More libraries
More boats
Bike paths
More technical schools
Doctors that make house calls
More farms
Medical universities
Less cigarettes
Less soda consumption
Exercise paths
Indoor activity centers
Swap shops
Building construction debris recycling
Toxic materials recycling
More bio fuel fill-up stations
More music programs in schools
More read aloud programs for children
More boat building programs for troubled youth
More performing troupes
More care for the elderly
More pizza ovens
Year round tourism
Local radio and television access
Cottage industry event centers
Small business convention center
More horses, cows and sheep

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