Friday, February 12, 2010

Dispensation cards are in!

We are so lucky to have with us on Saturday a representative from SlopArt, Maine's number one source for premium expressions. ( Natasha and I were afraid that some artists might feel a little hesitant to enter the realm of creating political art, for various reasons: lack of experience, it's not their style, not good at it, might confuse or disappoint their client base, etc. So we asked Brian Reeves, founder of Slop Art if he could create a dispensation card that could let anyone off the hook from any association with political art making. What this means is that should you have any hesitancy towards having your name or art associated with an extremely opinionated political activity, that could possibly offend sensibilities and brand you as radical rather than neutral, this dispensation card, which is official, would immediately neutralize any and all claims and accusations against you. I plan on getting one, even though I am fairly known for making political art, just for the shear convenience of it. Sometimes you just don't feel like explaining why you do what you do, or have done what you've done and you just flash your card and explaining've got certified to make all the political art your heart desires without any guilt by association! Thanks Brian, thanks to you and your company it's never been easier to make political art! Look for them at the Draw-A-Thon.

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