Thursday, February 18, 2010

We Came...

We had a good turn out today for our Draw-In at the State House in Augusta. There were about a half dozen of us drawing away and helping those who stopped by to see what we were up to, vision how we could best spend our war dollars. I personally drew the following: a karate guy for more spending on sports programs, an insulated house for more spending on green energy efficiency, seeds and herbal plants for more spending on developing herbal medicines, a guy in a solitary confinement for more spending on humane incarceration and a dump truck for more money for jobs. Those were just a few of the many drawings that I created today. In addition to our Draw-In action we also delivered 187 booklets or zines that Natasha and I put together last Sunday from over 75 drawings that were created at the Draw-A-Thon, to all of the State Legislators. Each zine had 19 images and there were four different zines all together. Rob Shetterly gave a great talk, which really put into perspective how imbalanced our priorities have become. Our gross national export is weaponry...more than anything else, medicine, housing, etc. we export and supply the world with equipment for waging war. If you are reading this and are outraged at this direction that our country has chosen, speak your representatives and tell them that enough is enough, it's time to re-orient our priorities and start healing and improving our world, not destroy it.

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